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About Us

Joe Weider Victory Endurance is a line of nutritional products especially designed and formulated for endurance athletes. Runners, tri-athletes, cyclists, soccer players, basketball players, all have unique endurance requirements.

Victory Endurance´s goal is to help every athlete achieve optimal performance and meet their specific training goals.

The Weider Research and Development Team have developed a line of sports nutrition supplements, combining nutrients and specific formulas to improve endurance athlete´s performance and help speed their recovery.

The Weider Research and Development Team has been developing supplements for athletes since 1936, our expertise in designing specific formulas, combining ingredients, and constant use of the best raw materials, is known worldwide. Thousands of athletes have tested our products for decades, and we are proud of continuing to develop supplements to improve the performance of athletes and help them achieve Victory.

Victory Endurance offers a range of products to assist endurance athletes work towards their goals. Our supplements are designed to provide energy, hydration and recovery after hard training sessions.

Victory Endurance products accelerate your energy levels, and hydrates exhausted bodies.