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Doping Free

Our sports supplements are DOPING FREE

Sports nutrition has been created to meet athletes’ specific nutrition needs.

Those who do sports on a regular basis know that an adequate diet increases physical endurance and improves performance. Furthermore, it contributes to an improved recovery.

Any athletes’ diet must be appropriate both in quantity and quality, so that the body can replenish the energy used during physical activity and to avoid fatigue after workouts. The intake of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals must be proportional to the physical activity performed and be adapted to each individual’s specific characteristics.

By offering a wide array of products which have been especially designed for each physical activity, sports supplements provide an additional intake that helps cover athletes’ all specific needs.

 Victory Endurance manufactures these supplements to complement the diet of athletes or people who workout regularly.

Our company supports good sportsmanship and is against the use of banned substances. We subscribe Doping Free sports.

The significance of supplementation has been recognized by the European Union’s Draft Directive which includes a specific paragraph for sports nutrition inside Food Supplements.

The mission of Weider Nutrition’s international team provides optimal service in the sports nutrition market. Our commitment is leadership in our industry with high-quality innovation products that promote consumers’ health and wellbeing.