10K Rock'n'Roll Madrid - Victory Endurance

Nutritional plans


Estimation of hydration and supplementation for the Rock'n'Roll Madrid 10K



ISO- ENERGY: The best way to get the necessary combination of carbohydrates, minerals, and water that you need just before the competition.  Our very technical formula provides carbohydrates of different glycemic indices to maintain adequate blood glucose concentration and recover from salts and mineral losses.  Our formula also includes glutamine, an anti-catabolic amino acid, which delays fatigue and reduces the risk of infection.  A drink like Iso-Energy is necessary to improve performance.

GELS, BARS AND GUMMIES: Consuming carbohydrates before your event is essential, which is why we offer several options:

  • Have a Nature's Energy bar about 45-30 minutes before the beginning of the race.
  • If you prefer another format, take Energy Boost Gummies 30 minutes before.
  • A gel (Energy Up! or Energy Boost with or without caffeine) taken immediately before departure will help you avoid hypoglycemia.



Make sure you drink plenty of water, as maintaining hydration is most important.



TOTAL-RECOVERY: The key to starting both energy and muscle recovery immediately after physical activity is our product. It provides high-glycemic carbohydrates, essential amino acids and glutamine, with a 3/1 ratio between carbohydrates and proteins which has been shown to be the optimal combination for post- exercise recovery.  Also includes vitamins and minerals to aid in recovery. Taking a product like Total Recovery is necessary for optimizing and speeding your recovery.

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