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Pre-competition Nutrition


You should never skip breakfast. In the morning, after 8 hours of fasting, we need to replenish the carbohydrate storages we have consumed during sleep, especially the liver. Breakfast, taken at least 90 min before 08:00 h, must contain at least 2 g of carbs for each Kg of bodyweight, and also foods rich in carbs and fiber but low in fat: toasts, cereal, orange juice, bananas, etc.

  • We should not forget to hydrate. Good hydration one hour before competition is crucial: the best choice is a sports drink, like Iso Energy by Victory Endurance. One advantage of triathlon is that we will be able to get rid of liquid while swimming. An important reminder: do not hydrate with water only, please! Not at this moment. If we exceed the water intake, we might incur in an inconvenient reduction of glucose in our system.
  • During competition

    It is essential to take 1 g of carbs per Kg of bodyweight, for each hour of physical exercise. For most of us, this equals 60-80 g of carbs per hour.

    What is the best option? Choose products you have tried before and that work for you:

    ▪       We also recommend nuts and bananas combined with our Energy Drink: Iso Energy by Victory Endurance.
    ▪       Our favorite gels are: Victory Endurance EnergyBoost Gel and Pump Gel.
    ▪       Energy bars: Endurance Bar 85g or Nature’s Energy Bar 40g
    ▪       Remember to always take the right amount
    ▪       Regarding hydration: I recommend you drink a small amount (150-200 ml) of your favorite drink every 20 min, instead of drinking a lot every hour. The body will absorb it more easily and it will interfere less with physical activity.

    ▪       During races taking solid food is more difficult, thus energy drinks and gels are more recommendable (avoid drinks with gas altogether!). Don’t relax too much, when we start running we won’t have finished the triathlon yet.

    Continue with appropriate hydration at regular intervals (every 20-30 min… and if it is not hot, every 30-40 min should be enough), always a small quantity (150-200 ml). Don’t think that stopping to drink might make you waste time. Our body will respond better because hydration is vital for good health. 


Ergogenic Help

  • BCAA’s (valine, leucine and isoleucine): while cycling take 2 capsules and another 2 before running. Amino Recovery, BCAA any Total Recovery by Victory Endurance.
  • HIDRATION: Iso Energy (Energy + Hydration): Advanced formula to boost endurance during exercise. Fast energy and hydration. Revolutionary formula which combines simple and complex carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes. Especially designed to rehydrate, optimize and boost endurance during training.



  1. Energy Boost Gel 42g:  With this recovery gel we get an ideal combination of complex and simple carbohydrates, amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins to increase stamina during exercise.  Thus we will immediately replace electrolytes lost during exercise, and so reduce muscle cramps. It also contains BCAAs which reduce the feeling of fatigue.


  2. Pump Gel 42g: This gel provides energy supply to last. Its formula is rich in complex and simple carbs and polyphenols which boost the flow of blood to the muscle area involved in exercise. It is an easy way to increase sport performance thanks to its dilating effect, while protecting oneself from the oxidative stress caused by exercise. Ideal to take when reaching the last part of the competition.
  3. Endurance Bar  85 g: Made with a 46% of oats, this bar is high in energy and low in fat. Due to its rich concentration of fruits and grains, the body is supplied with fast, sustainable energy. This is a natural option, easy to transport and chocolate free to avoid melting.
  1. Total Recovery: This complete formula, with an ideal combination of proteins, carbs, amino acids and electrolytes, maximizes recovery after intensive training sessions. It minimizes muscle destruction. Each ingredient has been chosen and tested to reach optimal recovery and to improve performance. We recommend taking it right at the start of training to refill the glycine stores and to improve recovery in daily trainings.

  2. Amino Recovery:  This supplement contributes to muscle recovery. It contains both BCAAs (Branch Chained Amino Acids) and L-Glutamine to protect and accelerate the recovery of muscle fibers, and to recover with its powerful detoxifying effect.


José López Chicharro PhD
Professor of Exercise Physiology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Specialized in Sports Medicine




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