Rock N Roll Marathon of Madrid - Victory Endurance

Nutritional plans

Rock N Roll Marathon of Madrid

Estimation of specific hydration and supplementation for the Rock'n'Roll Marathon of Madrid.



  • ISO-ENERGY: The best way to get the necessary combination of carbohydrates, minerals, and water that you need just before the competition.
  • SALT CAPS: Our Salt Caps are mineral salts that complement Iso-Energy. For those who cannot easily ingest Iso-Energy, our Salt Caps can also be used to provide the nourishment you need.  Take one capsule with water every 60 - 90 minutes of physical activity to keep you going.
  • GELS, BARS AND GUMMIES: Consuming carbohydrates before your event is essential, which is why we offer several options:
  • Have a Nature's Energy bar about 45-30 minutes before the beginning of the race.
  • If you prefer another format, take Energy Boost Gummies 30 minutes before.
  • A gel (Energy Up! or Energy Boost with or without caffeine) immediately before departure will help you avoid hypoglycemia.


  • ISO- ENERGY: An essential supplement to prevent dehydration during exercise. Drink Iso –Energy as it is fundamental to improve performance.
  • GELS: Consumption of carbohydrates during the race is critical for optimal performance. The easiest option to use is our energy gels. You can choose any of our range: Energy Boost, with or without caffeine, or Energy Up! Pump or gel.
  • ENERGY BOOST GUMMIES: If you prefer a solid format, take Boost Energy Gummies, and remember that four gummies are equal to one of our gels.


  • TOTAL-RECOVERY: The key to start both energy and muscle recovery immediately after physical activity is our product. It provides high-glycemic carbohydrates, essential amino acids and glutamine, with a 3/1 ratio between carbohydrates and proteins which has been shown to be the optimal combination for post- exercise recovery.  Also includes vitamins and minerals to aid in recovery. Take Total Recovery as needed to optimize and speed your recovery.
  • RECOVERY BAR: A delicious option to aid your recovery. You can take it alone or combined with Total –Recovery.
  • MGB6: To prevent muscle cramps and improve sleep you should consistently take MgB6 at bedtime. Muscle repair takes longer after endurance events, and an extra MgB6 will help speed recovery.
    FLEX + Glucosamine Chondroitin and Krill: Continued use will minimize the inflammatory process and protect your joints from damage.  They can be combined for better effectiveness. 


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